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Spotted owls

Integrating spotted owl conservation into forest management has been an acute and daunting challenge for public resource agencies. As such, I work with the USFS to synthesize the effects of invasive barred owls on population viability of spotted owls throughout their range. I also provide science delivery to managers focused on the effects of fire and barred owls on northern and California spotted owls.


California condors

California condors are the largest avian scavenger in North America and species of cultural significance for the Yurok tribe of Northern California. Yurok ancestral territory is in the heart of the historical range of California Condors and I have been working with the Yurok Tribal Wildlife Program to assess the feasibility of condor reintroduction in Humboldt and Del Norte counties. Our team is currently assessing the role of dominance hierarchies on toxin exposure within avian scavengers.

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