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Keynote talk blog: climate change disrupts biological interactions resulting in biodiversity loss

I have been having regular conversations with Dr. David Luther and Dr. John Vucetich focused on understanding how climate change can disrupt biological interactions, resulting in diminished biodiversity. I was invited to deliver the keynote address for the annual meeting of the Western Bird Banding Association. I used this keynote address as an excuse to summarize our conversations and collect my thoughts regarding how forest loss and climate change disrupt biological interactions. A few take home messages: (1) climate change's disruptions to biological interactions is emerging as a leading cause of species loss; (2) these disruptions are occurring in pristine wilderness, suggesting climate change may be more insidious than originally thought; and (3) long term monitoring is key to identifying shifting baselines associated with climate change, identifying proximate mechanisms responsible for species loss, and ultimately developing effective conservation action. Check out my talk below:


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